bitcoin introduction

Bitcoin Introduction

Bitcoin is an innovative kind of virtual money and an emerging technology. Heard about Bitcoin, but not sure where to start, or how it can help you achieve your goals? Get help with this Bitcoin introduction! From absolute newbies to seasoned cryptocurrency devotees, our resource caters to everyone who’s interested in learning more about how …

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bitcoin resources page

Bitcoin Resources

Popular Websites and Resources about Bitcoin. Learning resources Bitcoin Wiki This is the official Wiki for Bitcoin, managed by volunteers in the Bitcoin community. Here, on the Bitcoin wiki, you will find detailed Bitcoin FAQ, Forum, Chat room, and Recent changes on the Wiki. Khan Academy The non-profit educational organization included a series of Bitcoin …

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bitcoin development

Bitcoin Development

Introduction The open source community is a huge one with developers remotely collaborating on different projects.  To ease this process, they make use of version control portals such as Github, or Bitbucket, to mention a few. Coincidentally, both Github and Bitcoin technologies are both based on what is known as Merkle trees. So it’s essential …

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bitcoin support

Support Bitcoin

Bitcoin, an open source peer to peer network evolved from a small group of contributors and believers, into a global ecosystem of which there is still more work to be done. To broadcast the good words, go mainstream and help improve the Bitcoin network, there are different ways any individual or entity can participate in …

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bitcoin community

Bitcoin Communities

Find interesting people, groups and communities around Bitcoin. Forums BitcoinTalk Forum Similar to conventional forums, BitcoinTalk was built off an open-source forum content management system called simple machine forum [SMF], hence a familiar environment. The forum is categorized as follows: Bitcoin:- This category is further broken down into sub-categories  such as Bitcoin Discussion, Development & …

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bitcoin innovation in payment systems

Bitcoin – Innovation in Payment Systems

Bitcoin, an open source blockchain ledger goes beyond transferring cash from one point to another. You will come to discover its numerous, yet expanding attributes. The following are some practical applications, presently being scrutinized by the community. Micro Transactions/ Payments Picture the possibility of making a purchase for your favorite cup of coffee, or stripping …

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