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BitcoinTalk Forum

Similar to conventional forums, BitcoinTalk was built off an open-source forum content management system called simple machine forum [SMF], hence a familiar environment.

The forum is categorized as follows:


This category is further broken down into sub-categories  such as Bitcoin Discussion, Development & Technical Discussion, Mining, Bitcoin Technical Support, and Project Development


This category hosts discussions on economics, Marketplace, and Trading Discussion


Although you could start from any part of the forum, however, this group hosts new sections for Beginners & Help, off-topic, Politics & Society, and Archival.

Alternate Cryptocurrencies:-

You may be wondering; this is a bitcoin forum, why talk about alternative cryptocurrencies. Well, you have to be aware of the latest happenings around you so you can adapt, accordingly. The Altcoins category hosts Altcoins discussions, Altcoins Announcements, mining Altcoins, Altcoins marketplace, Altcoins Speculation.


Want to feel at home in your local language? Well sure, here is the right place for you. You might even find people within your community that are in the cryptocurrency space and interact.

Reddit’s Bitcoin Community

The Bitcoin community just had to have an online presence on Reddit, in the form of a subReddit given the timely, interactive, personalized, participatory, and absorbing nature of the community. Bitcoin subReddit is a cool community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, offering a place where you go to see what people have found. So if you love Bitcoin and its blockchain technology, then you are welcome aboard.

Bitcoin StackExchange (Q&A)

Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. It only takes a few minutes to Join them.

Social networks

Google+ Bitcoin Community

Join the Bitcoin community on Google+. If you are familiar with other popular social network portals and micro-blogging platforms, then you won’t want to miss out on a massive aggregation of latest Bitcoin discussions and happenings.

Twitter Search

Meet Bitcoiners on Twitter, and follow up with latest trend posts on your favorite 140-280 character micro-blogging service

Facebook Page

The social media/tech giant is not left out of the action. Follow up with breaking news and gossips on Facebook.


Are you considering organizing or joining Bitcoin group meetings in real life? Then you may want to visit these Bitcoin online social networking services, for upcoming meetups in your area.

Bitcoin Conferences and Events

Bitcoin Meetup Groups

Bitcoin Meetups on BitcoinTalk

Bitcoin Meetups on the Wiki

The bitcoin meetups on the wiki contains detailed schedule of upcoming meetups, date, location, intervals, and the organizers.

IRC Chat

Connect with fellow bitcoin developers and enthusiasts alike by using the following hash tags on IRC Chat

IRC Channels on freenode.

#bitcoin (General Bitcoin-related)

#bitcoin-dev (Development and technical)

#bitcoin-otc (Over The Counter exchange)

#bitcoin-market (Live quotes from markets)

#bitcoin-mining (Bitcoin mining related)

Non-profit organizations

Below is a long list of Bitcoin Non-Profits all over the world. Follow the links and find the ones in your community.


Fundación Bitcoin Argentina


Bitcoin Australia


Bitcoin Austria


Belgian Bitcoin Association


Bitcoin Embassy
Bitcoin Alliance of Canada


Fundación Bitcoin Colombia


Dansk Bitcoinforening


Bitcoin France


Bundesverband Bitcoin e.V.


Irish Bitcoin Foundation


איגוד הביטקוין הישראלי


Bitcoin Foundation Italia


Stichting Bitcoin Nederland
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam


Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines


Polish Bitcoin Association


Crypto Currencies Foundation Russia


Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine


Bitcoin Društvo Slovenije




Svenska Bitcoinföreningen


Bitcoin Association Switzerland


Fundación Bitcoin de Venezuela

A Visit to the Community portal on the wiki for more information.

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